The Message

Pastor Titus Lee preaches a balanced message of holistic victory for every area of your life.  His messages emphasize the finished work of Jesus Christ, the importance of exercising faith to receive from God, and the promise of being delivered from every form of defeat and bondage in your life. 

Jesus Christ: Redemption & Faith

Over the years he has been privileged to preach over well over 3,500 messages from audiences around the world to the two local churches that he has pastored. In all these messages the centrality of Jesus Christ can be heard as well as redemption through the blood of Jesus and the endless possibilities of exercising faith in the Word of God.


Pastor Titus Lee has often been called a prophet because of the accuracy of words of wisdom and knowledge that has flowed through to countless people. Many of these words have been confirmed as accurate through the testimonies of those who received them.

Miracles and Healing are Possible

Pastor Titus Lee’s ministry has been highlighted by supernatural miracles that have been medically confirmed in various parts of the United States and abroad. Most miracles took place following the preaching of the Word of God by Pastor Titus Lee. God indeed confirmed the preached Word with signs following. From creative miracles to unexplainable manifestations God has touched his people through this ministry.